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Trouble #02

 - Trouble #02
Pierre HuygheClaude Closky / Jim Shaw – Matthew Higgs / Thierry Foglizzo – Boris Achour / Joseph Grigely – Andreas Gedin & Mats Stjemstedt / Joseph GrigelyHans Ulrich Obrist / Manuel Joseph / Mike KelleyPaul McCarthyMarie de Brugerolle / Taroop & Glabel / Hans Ulrich Obrist – Thomas Boutoux / Jimmie Durham / Philippe ParrenoNicolas Bourriaud...
Trouble was a French magazine published between 2002 and 2007, run by art critics, theoreticians, and artists (Boris Achour, Guillaume Désanges, Claire Jacquet, François Piron, and Émilie Renard). A clear critical and artistic point of view has emerged from the six issues published, seen in the choice of the authors, artists and themes that have been broached. These choices – posing points of view that are sometimes contradictory but always strongly subjective, correspond to the image of today's creation that interests us: moving, radical, and plural. In giving artists' texts a lot of space, Trouble encourages them to develop critical and theoretical positions beyond their own work, and in giving critics a space for experimental writing, Trouble opens new forms of art criticism and encourages subjective historical re-readings and new perspectives. Trouble neither comments on current events nor takes the market into consideration; it looks at the art that is being made today and wants to be an active part of it.
published in 2002
French edition
14 x 20,5 cm
192 pages
sold out

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