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Eighth Symphony (2 CD)

Hermann Nitsch - Eighth Symphony (2 CD)
Recordings of the first performance of Nitsch's 8th Symphony (for Choir, Orchestra, and Noise Orchestra). Performed June 25th 1990 at the MAK Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna.
Professionally recorded, extremely dramatic, dynamic, rich, full-blown orchestral music & noise, heavy drones, and austrian 'Volksmusik'.
Comes in big double-disc jewelcase, including 2 posters with credits, photos, a part of the score, and the text 'Die Gigantische Symphonie' by Günter Brus.
The music was previously released by the Cortical Foundation in 2001 as a 2LP-Set limited to a mere 185 copies. Remastered for this CD Edition from the original tapes. The artwork, photos & texts are exclusive to this edition.
Composed by Hermann Nitsch.
Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert, Hugo Distler Chor, Blasorchester der Wiener E-Werke, Wolfgang Mitterer (Synthesizer).
published in April 2010
sold out
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