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Le Corps Living Room (vinyl LP)

Anne Le Troter - Le Corps Living Room (vinyl LP)
A sound performance inspired by Merce Cunningham, in which a group of speakers seek to escape from society, to retreat by mimicking the objects that surround us in the forest.
Speakers: Martin Bakero, Eva Barto, Agathe Boulanger, Victoire Le Bars, Anne Le Troter, Simon Nicaise.
Anne Le Troter (born in 1985 in Saint Etienne) is a French artist combining sound installation, performance, theater, literature and poetry. It was after writing two books that she started to work by cycle, on how group language appeared defined by adding expositions together (often sound pieces), which ultimately resulted in written pieces. This is how Anne Le Troter invites groups of people such as ASMR artists to work with her. After having worked on as sort of alienating speech—through a cycle of sound installations focussing on telephone pollsters, a cycle spread out over several exhibitions—today Anne Le Troter's work takes the route of a kind of anticipation. Invited by the Pernod Ricard foundation, the Biennale de Rennes, the Le Grand Café contemporary arts centre in Saint Nazaire, the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas and the Pompidou Centre, the artist undertakes a new cycle of writing around the notion of biography, fiction and utopia. In 2021, she was selected by the Villa Kujoyama for the residency program.
Mixed by Noé Mignard.
Mastered by Maxime Maurel / Studio Noir.

Graphic design: Félicité Landrivon.
published in January 2024
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