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Écoute voir

Patricia Favreau - Écoute voir
A collection of 16 poetic texts primarily written for orality.
These musically crafted texts have been performed on stage or in podcasts. Alterity and our finiteness stand as major themes, under tension. Patricia Favreau's relationship with language is that of a foreigner, stirring her and compelling her to write.

Brûler prier danser les ivresses insondables laves
cycliques des cratères
Brûler prier danser les amours de cours d'immeubles
de trottoirs de cages d'escalier incendies des maquis
qui déjà crevaient
Brûler prier danser la poudre masque opaque
de nos pudeurs
Brûler prier danser la solitude des désirs de se retrouver
Brûler prier danser les cloisons de pierres froides
les mises à mort imaginaires les naissances avortées
les désirs de se défaire la seule idée de rester
les errances à perpétuité brûler prier danser
Brûler prier danser la surprise d'un regard d'un sourire
d'une intelligence
Patricia Favreau teaches French as a foreign language. She writes her texts in French and Italian. She co-hosts the page for sound and wandering poetry called OIKIA (with Xavier Mussat, Apocope label), as well as the show "Les Oreilles Libres" on Radio Libertaire with Christophe Frémiot. She performs in the duo Pipistrella with Félicie Bazelaire.
published in January 2024
French edition
16 x 16 cm (softcover)
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-490445-12-7
EAN : 9782490445127
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