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Bien à toi

Félicie Bazelaire - Bien à toi
A poetic story written in the form of an unanswered correspondence by the musician Félicie Bazelaire.
This story is a correspondence without answers, perhaps a love story. It was written with a smartphone, a smart phone. In writing that is alternately lyrical, poetic and violent, the author plays with options, mobile thinking, emotions and emerging absurdities.
Félicie Bazelaire is a cellist, double bass player and performer. Coming from a classical musical background at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, she is interested in open and experimental artistic forms. She develops a solo work with personal concepts (Hits; Pyramids; the Misfit) and improvisations. She records compositions by Bertrand Denzler, D'incise and Hannes Lingens, published on labels such as Edition Wandelweiser Records, Albertineeditions, Confront Recordings. These works have been presented at the Cave 12 in Geneva, at the Instants Chavirés in Montreuil, at Ausland in Berlin. She also plays through encounters and collaborations with artists such as Cristián Alvear, Sébastien Bouhana, Tomàs Cabado, Éric Cordier, Isabelle Duthoit, Jean-François Pauvros, Minami Saeki, Taku Sugimoto and Marie Takahashi. Félicie Bazelaire is a member of the great ensemble Onceim and pursues experimental chamber music projects with David Chiesa, Emmanuel Lalande, Silvan Schmid and the trio Les Certitudes (with Léo Dupleix and Juliette Adam). Since 2016, Félicie Bazelaire has been organizing events (concerts, performances, conferences and exhibitions) at the "26 Chairs" in Paris.
published in November 2022
French edition
16 x 10,5 cm (softcover)
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-490445-09-7
EAN : 9782490445097
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