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Je vomis du nez, le sang bleu de la nuit

Anna Gaïotti - Je vomis du nez, le sang bleu de la nuit
A book of poetic texts.
"The thought from which the hands escape from a heavy drape, the toes untangle themselves. This woman imprisoned on her pedestal in a rosette of rose bushes had accompanied me on the threshold, and in this discussion of the utopia of doubt. The muse that I attempted to tear apart, trampled in its verticality by a scattered crowd of mute individuals, I return to see her. Her eyes are moist with red up to her bloodied hand, which rests on her chin, her other hand is also stained. On the weight of her dress is inscribed 'disarm the police', I want to read 'disengage the police', in vain."
Anna Gaïotti is a performing artist, choreographer, musician, and writer. She creates a choreographic and musical writing that connects text and body, aiming to confront issues of gender emancipation, doubts about norms, the shift from fiction and storytelling to reality, the construction and deconstruction of personal and collective identities, and life in the face of death. The body is primarily a platform to express the spoken and unspoken, embodying both humanity and inhumanity.
Her self-taught practice in tap dancing leads her to reflect and consistently re-question the production and act of sound and movement embodied within the same entity. Each of her creations seeks to bridge the gap between music and dance, both infused with an extraordinary visual universe.
Anna Gaïotti expands and develops a body of writing and drawing that reflects her experiences and immersions on the borders. Her writings offer a critical yet fictional, ethnological, and political perspective on the survival of dances and music, the transitions and transformations that people and beings exhibit. For instance, she immerses herself in the world of prostitution among transgender individuals in Zurich, as well as at the Ethiopian and South Sudanese borders.
Her work is showcased on various stages, ranging from theaters to underground and subterranean spaces.
Anna Gaïotti collaborates with various musicians such as Nina Garcia, Raymonde, VIERGE NOIR E (a group she co-founded with Léo Dupleix and Sigolène Valax in 2016), Jean Bender, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Pascal Battus, among others. Additionally, she collaborates with choreographers such as Mark Tompkins, Phia Ménard, Tatiana Julien, and Nathalie Broizat.
published in January 2024
French edition
12,5 x 19 cm (softcover)
84 pages
ISBN : 978-2-490445-10-3
EAN : 9782490445103
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