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Marfa Mystery LightsA Concert for the UFO's – featuring The Secret Machines (DVD)

Charles de Meaux - Marfa Mystery Lights
A performance of The Secret Machines conceived and filmed by Charles de Meaux.

In February 2006, Charles de Meaux met up with the Texan psychedelic rock band The Secret Machines for a performance in Marfa, the city of Donald Judd and of Mystery Lights. This film is the private notebook taken from this experience lived in the shadow of some "Giants" of the American culture. A close encounter of the third kind which tells a lot about the contradictions of our contemporary culture.
Co-founder (with Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster) of the production company Anna Sanders Films, Charles de Meaux (born 1967 in Istambul, lives and works in Paris) is an artist and a filmmaker (Trailer part one, Le pont du trieur, Shimkent Hotel, Stretch, Lady in the Portrait...).
Diected by Charles de Meaux.
With The Secret Machines (Brandon Curtis / Benjamin Curtis / Josh Garza).
Original soundtrack by The Secret Machines.

Produced and published by IMPORT (mfc-michèle didier & Les presses du réel).
published in 2008
English edition (French subtitled)
O-Zone DVD
66 mn, colours, sound
ISBN : 978-2-84066-239-6
EAN : 9782840662396
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Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights Marfa Mystery Lights
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