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Anna Serra - Danse-Combat
Anna Serra's new book of poems, born of a struggle on all levels: the body and its illness, the body and its environment, the body in the midst of other struggling bodies, and the body pushing back its own confinement.
Anna Serra (born 1988 in Roussillon, France) is a French poet, sound artist, performer, Italian and Catalan translator. Her works involve collaborations with visual artists, dancers, authors, and sound engineers. She is the founder of Radio O (former Radio Supernova), a travelling radio station to meet and record poets all over the world.
Edited by Stéphanie Boubli.
published in September 2023
French edition
14 x 22,5 cm (softcover)
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-490353-32-3
EAN : 9782490353323
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