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Jungle Juice #02

 - Jungle Juice #02
The second issue of Jungle Juice brings together some 30 collaborators, close to collective Supernova. Front cover made after a drawing from comic book artist Jim Starlin.
Jungle Juice was a biannual review published by éditions Supernova, a publishing platform creating bridges between the field of sound experimentation, the world of electronic music and poetry, born from the desire to produce shorter forms of expression that could mix poetry, photographs, short stories, drawings, articles, interviews, and oddball materials. 6 issues were published between 2014 and 2017.
Edited by Stéphanie Boubli.
Contributions by Yanis Azze, Virginie Batista, Pierre Baraux de Lagerie, Kamil Bendida, Stéphane Bissières, Rosalie Bribes, Ariel Claudet, Romain Crowet, Magali Daniaux, Cédric Pigot, Gino Deep, Cédric Diomède, Hortense Gauthier, Marylou Guerra, Habyss, Vincent Jounieaux, Jow, Claire Leydenbach, Sarah Montet, Sybil Montet, Pauline Nadrigny, Alexandre Réty, Sébastien Saraiva, Julia Scorna, Anna Serra, Vadim Svoboda, Patrizia Vadulga, Christophe Vix, Yoshi, Martin Bakero, Nicolas Gimbert, Rémy Artiges, François Salmeron.

Graphic design: Régis Glaas-Togawa.
published in July 2015
texts in English and French
22 x 30 cm (softcover)
72 pages (b/w ill.)
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Jungle Juice Jungle Juice
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