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Marion Baruch - Tzimtzum
New monograph.
Published following Marion Baruch's solo exhibitions—DÉCALAGE, curated by Ilse Lafer and Noah Stolz in collaboration with Dana Diminescu at HGB Galerie in Leipzig (Germany) in 2021–2022; Endless Going Trying to Say – Window-Landscape of My Work, curated by Noah Stolz at MNAC in Bucharest in 2022; and Bomba, curated by Noah Stolz and Nicola Trezzi at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2022—Marion Baruch: Tzimtzum is conceived both as a catalogue and an archive, it includes a conversation between the artist and Stolz—created as a patchwork from exchanges recorded over the last eight years—institutional statements by Lafer, Diminescu and Trezzi, a postface by Maria Sica, installation views of the three aforementioned exhibitions, and archival images of works and exhibitions mentioned in the conversation.
The conflicts of the 20th century are reflected in the long life of Marion Baruch (born 1929 in Timișoara, Romania): fascism, capitalism, communism, feminism, pacifism, migration, classes, nations, religions, linguistic communities, political ideologies. Marion Baruch concerns herself with internal worlds and external spaces. Consequently this artist's work revolves around the theme of emptiness; she works with gaps, through views and transparency. She speaks of the “void”, meaning not a spiritual nothingness but rather a free space, in the literal sense, to be understood as an invitation to the viewer.
Edited by Nicola Trezzi.
Texts by Ilse Lafer, Sandra Diminescu, Nicola Trezzi, Maria Sica, Noah Stolz.
published in July 2023
English edition
16,5 x 23 cm (softcover)
160 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-564-1
EAN : 9788867495641
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