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GinaA Zustand novel

Reto Pulfer - Gina
In Reto Pulfer's novel, the artist draws a rich picture of a community of hybrid living beings. Characters and scenes from the novel also appear in the works and exhibitions of the artist. A multi-layered cosmos of links emerges and takes the reader into a parallel universe full of references to our current relationship with nature.
"For death rhizome's sake! Come on you tired screensavers! Do something! If you don't do anything, you'll die! You didn't survive the apocalypse for nothing!"

– Mascha Jacobs

"Fuck me!!"
– Michael Dean

Ingo Niermann

"Stinging nettle science fiction"
– Claire Hoffmann

"A Zustand and its installation"
– Anselm Franke

– Michelle Steinbeck

Self-taught artist Reto Pulfer (born 1981, Bern, lives and works in Berlin) uses painting, drawing, writing, music, found objects and everyday materials such as textiles, food or spices to create intuitive, and yet complex, synaesthetic environments, “total artworks” that need to be experienced. Often immersive, always site-specific, they embody various mental and conceptual states or Zustände, as the artist calls them.
Translated from the German by Jen Calleja.

Graphic design: HIT.
published in March 2023
English edition
10,5 x 18 cm (softcover)
304 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-96436-060-1
EAN : 9783964360601
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