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Archivio #08 – The Sixties Issue

 - Archivio #08
Guido Crepax and Sabrina Ragucci, Folco Quilici, Dacia Maraini and Pino Tovaglia walk us through this issue of Archivio on our journey backwards through the Twentieth Century, to focus on the 1960s, between hope for a new world and lightheartedness promises.
ARCHIVIO no.8 starts with the Autostrada del Sole, a motorway inaugurated in 1964 which runs from Milan to Naples. Valerio Millefoglie, the magazine's editorial director, has travelled that same road encountering evidence of the daily life of an Italy that was changing.
We've made so many archival discoveries: Folco Quilici's unpublished photos shot in Rosarno Calabro and the samples he used for filming the documentary L'Italia vista dal cielo; the board games and the toy soldiers created by Guido Crepax; the poetics applied to life in Giovanni Giudici's diaries.
This issue of ARCHIVIO is special—says Andrea Montorio, CEO of Promemoria Group. It is special because it is the last of a second successful series—an editorial decision (that of changing the editorial team every three years/four issues to experiment with new perspectives and partnerships) that Promemoria took a gamble on and won with this exceptional team and thanks to all our open-minded, discerning, and curious readers. It is also special, however, for me personally, as unlike the last three issues, it tells the story of a decade I did not witness directly, which I have no personal memory of nor emotional ties to, but which conditioned me directly nonetheless.
The inability to draw from personal memory and experience brings us to the higher purpose of ARCHIVIO. A purpose borrowed from historiography and which we seek to pursue, mindful of the importance of truth, but free in our forms of expression, which is to build a dialogue between People and History, connecting the sources of the past and future generations, to uncover what came before us so as to have a clearer picture of what we can look forward to tomorrow.
Archivio magazine is an innovative semestrial publishing project which focuses exclusively on the archive's culture and reality. It is the first time that a publishing venture is born out of the need to enhance this huge heritage. Every issue is constructed around a theme, but in a loose way, browsing from art to fashion, culture, sport, design, cinema, science, photography… No barriers. The edition is exclusively built with archive's documents, mostly unpublished and each issue involves most relevant archives from all over the world. Each time through a high quality selection of documents, pictures and exclusive contents, Archivio's aim is to rebuild the contemporary culture opening up the heritage and richness of the archive's world, by using our ability to watch everything from a contemporary point of view, because what archives can teach us is how memory becomes future.
published in January 2023
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
21 x 26 cm (softcover)
176 pages (ill.), 40 x 60 cm poster inside
in stock

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