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We Are OceanBerlin+Brandenburg

 - We Are Ocean
WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg brings together the documentation of the eponymous project carried out by ARTPORT_making waves , with relevant ideas about our ocean, fusing art, science, and education. Pairing students' experiences with writings by pioneering scientists, artists, and thinkers, it presents a diverse and interdisciplinary perspective on those threatened ecosystems and the crucial role they play in our adaption to climate change.
The WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg book is the synthesis of the first project of the WE ARE OCEAN Global Program, an interdisciplinary art program which gathers artists, students, scientists, policy makers, art collectors, teachers, curators and grassroots organisations in order to raise awareness and engage in dialogue about the environmental condition of the ocean and the role humans play in its current and future state. The program, endorsed by UNESCO as a UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) Project, investigates how we interact with the ocean and how interdependent humans and the ocean are. The overall goal is to raise scientific and political awareness through the arts, particularly among young people, to stimulate behavioural change and social action and help them to act responsibly and become conscientious citizens. The program started in Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany, in 2019, with a long list of collaborators. This first publication of a decade long series gathers the voices of participants and the texts of Antje Boetius, Stefanie Hessler, T. J. Demos, Francesca Santoro, Julia Moritz, Lisa Rave and Anne-Marie Melster.
ARTPORT_making waves is an international curatorial practice that raises awareness about environmental issues with a focus on climate change and ocean protection through residency and educational programs, art exhibitions, video projects, as well as collaborations linking the arts, science, and politics with the aim to inspire social change. Founded in 2006 by Anne-Marie Melster and Corinne Erni, it has grown to an international arts orgnisation with non profit structures in Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.

See also Oceanography.
Edited by Anne-Marie Melster.
Contributions by Anne-Marie Melster, Antje Boetius, Julia Mpritz, Lisa Rave, Stefanie Hessler, T. J. Demos, Francesca Santoro.

Graphic design: Studio Anugraha.

Published by ARTPORT_making waves, Frankfurt am Main.
published in January 2023
bilingual edition (English / German)
16 x 22,5 cm (hardcover)
256 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-00-072669-9
EAN : 9783000726699
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