Yvan Salomone

Born 1957, Yvan Salomone lives and works in Saint-Malo, France.

(external link : www.salomone.org)
Yvan Salomone - Déluge & retrait
French edition
Frac Bretagne
Produced as a follow-up to three previous publications edited by Mamco between 2010 and 2017, this monograph is a compilation of found images associated with Yvan Salomone's own photographs. It also features an interview with the artist and new essays examining his practice.
Yvan Salomone - Evaporation - 2006-2017
French edition
MAMCO - Monographs
New monograph: a collection of 352 watercolors made since 2006 by the painter on the theme of industrial landscapes.
Yvan Salomone - Zoneblanche
French edition
MAMCO - Monographs
Six hundred watercolors realized by Yvan Salomone during the first fifteen years of his career (1991-2006).
Yvan Salomone - Le point d\'Ithaque - Cahiers 1991-2006
French edition
MAMCO - Artists' writings
32.00 20.00 €
A set of texts written by Salomone according to his artistic protocol: an unclassifiable literary work which extends a visual production, as a specific dimension of artistic representation.

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