Dimitri Broquard

Dimitri Broquard is part, with Bastien Aubry, of the two-man design studio FLAG. Since 2002 FLAG has worked for art and cultural institutions, producing catalogues, artists books, magazines and posters. FLAG also creates drawings, illustrations for editorials and private projects. Both Broquard and Aubry respectively teach at art schools in Switzerland.

See also FLAG; Bastien Aubry; ; Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard.

(external link : www.flag.cc)
Dimitri Broquard - The Gorgeous Looping Papaye Bar
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The Looping Papaye Bar was an eccentric hangout initiated and steered by Mauro Paolozzi, Rafael Koch and Dimitri Broquard. This publication brings together the A4 sized invitations drawn with pencil by Dimitri Broquard for the events that took place at the ephemeral bar in 2012. Broquard took inspiration from ancient reproduction techniques such as etching, or from classical themes seen in art history and the decorative arts.
Dimitri Broquard - The Wildlife Analysis
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A psychedelic-ethnographic journey to an indefinite country.

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