Ed Ruscha

Since the mid-1960s, Ed Ruscha has developed an iconic body of works, simultaneously as a painter, a photographer (with such historical books as "Twenty-Six Gasolines Stations," 1963), a filmmaker, and an acute commentator of American culture. Born in 1937 and based in Los Angeles, he is a key figure of the last few decades and one of the first artists to have introduced a critique of popular culture and an examination of language into the visual arts.

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Ed Ruscha - A Reader
English edition
Les presses du réel – Criticism, theory & documents – Documents
JRP|Editions - Documents (co-edition Les presses du réel)
Renewing our understanding of Ruscha's art.
Ed Ruscha - Huit textes / Vingt-trois entretiens - 1965-2009
French edition
JRP|Editions - Lectures Maison Rouge
Writings and interviews.

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