Lara Almarcegui

The work of Lara Almarcegui (born in 1972 in Zaragoza, Spain) develops outside the specific arena of art. Her praxis explores our relations with the built environment, with a preference for abandoned areas: waste land, allotments, ruined buildings and buildings being demolished, all manifestations of the territory's unconscious, which she prompts us to observe, identify, and visit. “The artist thus sheds light on the materiality and temporality which turn a constructed environment (a city, or a garden…) into a breathing ecosystem. As a result, Lara Almarcegui's projects usher in a line of thinking about order, power sharing, and the laws which govern us.” (Chloé Nicolas).
Lara Almarcegui - Luxembourg souterrain
French edition
Casino Luxembourg
Luxembourg underground: this artist's book offers a vertical journey through the city's subsoil structure.
Lara Almarcegui - Ruins in Burgundy - XIX-XXI
bilingual edition (English / French)
sold out
Artist's book: a singular guide to contemporary ruins in Burgundy.

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