Ad Minoliti

In their work, Ad Minoliti (born 1980 in Buenos Aires) lay the cards on the table, cards that have been in our society's deck for centuries. Man, woman, animal, machine, adult, white, child. These are proven categories that have influenced the normative relationships between all living beings, and which have been echoed in the history of the arts, but also in architecture and the decorative arts. The environments that the artist create—always starting from painting—are possible reinventions, proposals for the reenchantment of all inter-living relationships. For Ad Minoliti, geometry is a formidable tool for venturing into new forms of narration without being encumbered by lyricism.
Ad Minoliti - Theory Peluche Fábulas
trilingual edition (English / Spanish / French)
Galerie Crèvecœur
An in-depth exploration of the artistic issues at stake in the work of Ad Minoliti, with the aim of deconstructing the binary categories that history and the history of art have tried to retain as "universal".

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