Akosh S.

Akosh S. (Ákos Szelevényi, born 1966 in Debrecen, Hungary) is a free jazz saxophonist, clarinettist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Influenced by the traditional music of Central Europe and Asia, his music oscillates between popular and contemporary music. He founded the international collective Akosh S. Unit in Paris in the 1990s and has multiplied collaborations (with Dewey Redman, Noir Désir, Don Moye, Joëlle Léandre, Denis Charolles & Fantazio, eRikm, Quentin Rollet, Gidas Etevenard, Camel Zekri...) and multidisciplinary projects of theater, dance, new circus or cinema (François Cervantès, Cie Mauvais Esprit, Mathurin Bolze, Josef Nadj, Ivan Fatjo, Sou Abadi, Olivier Klein, Zoltàn Huszàrik, Pelechian...).
Akosh S. - Györ (CD)
The first duo recording of Joëlle Léandre (double bass, voice) and Akosh S. (tenor & soprano saxophones, metal clarinet, tárogató, flute): a wonderful syntonic improvisation in a Hungarian synagogue.

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