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Proud to be there (vinyl LP)

Charlie O. - Proud to be there (vinyl LP)
A true Gay Pride anthem. Produced by Luigee Trademarq. Charlie O. sings, plays Hammond organ, but also surprises with a very intimate track on the B side with piano, voice and trumpet.
Organist, pianist, trumpet player, singer, producer, of jazz, house music, French song, disco, free jazz... Charlie O. has made, with Luigee Trademarq, music for John B. Root's films, remixes for Alex Gopher or De Crecy, the soundtrack of a Cedric Klapisch's film, collaborated with Cosmo Vitteli and David Grubbs, formed a band with Akosh S., ErikM and Quentin Rollet, co-produced an album of Mendelson, participated in Rubin Steiner's "Chantiers", etc.
Artwork: John B. Root.
published in 1998
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