Fred Frith

Fred Frith (born 1949 in Sussex) is a musician, multi-instrumentalist but above all guitarist, and composer, an essential and emblematic figure of the experimental and improvised music scene. Co-founder of the bands Henry Cow (1968-1978), Art Bears and Skeleton Crew, he is at the origin of the Rock in Opposition musical movement. Based in New York City since the late 1970s, where he has collaborated with John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Tom Cora, Bob Ostertag, and many others, he has appeared on over 200 albums, composed for dance, film, and theater, and performed all over the world.
Fred Frith - Fred Frith / Michel Doneda (CD)
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
First meeting recorded live at Swissnex, San-Francisco, in February 2009 (Fred Frith: electric guitar; Michel Doneda: soprano and sopranino saxes).

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