Nicolas Montgermont

Nicolas Montgermont is a sound and radio artist who explores the physicality of waves in its different forms. For more than 15 years, he has been designing artistic devices that explore the poetic essence of waves: resonance in a volume, vibration of materials, richness of invisible radio landscapes, musicality of interferences, antenna sculpture, listening and broadcasting territory... and is currently developing a work on the links between radio-art and politics.
He realizes sound performances, installations, records and compositions, alone or in collaboration (chdh, Art of Failure, Cécile Beau, RYBN, Pali Meursault...) and participates in several sound and radio creation collectives (∏node, Yi King Operators, les Sons Fédérés, Jef Klak, l'Acentrale). His projects are shown in many art centers, museums, concert halls and self-managed venues in Europe and elsewhere.
Nicolas Montgermont teaches sound and multimedia creation at the ENS Louis Lumière and at University Paris 8.

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Nicolas Montgermont - Radioscapes (vinyl LP)
Radio recordings from 3 GHz to 30 KHz: a record that invites the listener to discover the electromagnetic landscapes that surround us.

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