Frank Bretschneider

Frank Bretschneider (born 1956 in Obercrinitz, East-Germany) is a musician, composer and video artist in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Bretschneider's subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena.
In 1995, Bretschneider and fellow AG Geige member Olaf Bender founded the Rastermusic record label which eventually merged with Carsten Nicolai's noton to form raster-noton in 1999.
Bretschneider has released his work (in addition to raster-noton) on various labels including 12k, Line, Mille Plateaux, Shitkatapult, or Longform Editions.

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Frank Bretschneider - abtasten_halten (vinyl LP)
Frank Bretschneider's most radical work: a self-generating composition for synthesizer modules whose sole sound source is the movement of two VU meter needles. The resulting percussive sounds coalesce into rhythmic combinations—all random, without repetition. A meditation on infinite rhythmic variation.

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