Janek Simon

Polish artist Janek Simon (born 1977, lives and works in Warsaw) gets inspired by scientific theories and models as well as such disciplines like geography or economics whose functions and specifics are subject to constant civilization changes. Simon's objects often take a form of visualizations based on mathematical formulas and statistical data. At the same time, experimental and anarchical dimension of his works articulates clash between scientific theories and reality of everyday life, sociological phenomena and politics. Many of his art pieces contain complex electronic systems created according to the Do it Yourself philosophy—made from scratch by the artist, who consciously keeps on searching for practices and strategies alternative to the contemporary culture of mass production and prevailing system of artistic production.
Janek Simon - Synthetic Folklore
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
This monographic catalogue maps and decodes fifteen years of an artistic practice oriented towards DIY strategies and new technologies, investigating manifold spaces of reflections with a powerful political and theoretical radicality.

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