Vangjush Vellahu

Vangjush Vellahu (born 1987 in Pogradec, Albania, lives and works in Berlin) is a visual artist working with video, prints, objects and archives with the focus on different forms of storytelling particular to specific communities; exploring how collective memories of authoritarian regimes are produced and remembered by communities affected by them. His works intertwine urban histories of entities that from an ideological and political stand point remain on the margins of recognition. His travels often take a shape of journal-like reconfigurations that attempt at re-defining the popular understanding of what borders, territories or geographies represent today. Since 2014 he is part of a local group of emerging young artists – Nucleu 0000 in Bucharest, that tries to coagulate an artistic organization as a response to the lack of cultural finance.

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Vangjush Vellahu - Fragments I - Where stories cut across the land
English edition
Archive Books
This artist's book derives from a series of videos documenting the present situation of six unrecognized Republics on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Vellahu collects the collective memories of people and lands which have been affected by years of war and by the politics of borders.

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