Aurélien Mole

Aurelien Mole is a French artist, art critic and curator, he lives in Paris and is also the co-founder of Postdocument.

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Aurélien Mole - Un être, un acte, un objet, un lieu
French edition
Tombolo Presses
An attempt to explain the reason for the dimensions of a photographic image, of a print (the book is illustrated with works from the collection of the FRACs of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region laid out in their respective scale ratios).
Aurélien Mole - Stud
English edition
Empire - Books
Stud compiles photographs that Aurélie Jacquet and Aurélien Mole shot while they were students at the French National School of Photography.
Aurélien Mole - Postdocument (Reader)
texts in English and French
Tombolo Presses
This reader brings together the first 8 issues of Postdocument, the magazine on exhibition photography.

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