Christiane Pooley

Chilean painter Christiane Pooley (born 1983 in Temuco de Chile, lives and works in Paris) is interested in the potentiality of images to embody both ways of seeing and feeling, and also questions notions of territory and territoriality. Using images and stories from the history of her country and personal records, she paints travellers, vagrants, migrants and tourists, that hover between soft layers of landscape, domesticity and abstract space. The partial deconstruction of pictorial illusion, as well as the dream-like layering of disparate spaces, evoke a feeling of a suspended fragility; one that echoes the instability in social constructions such as the sense of belonging or identity.

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Christiane Pooley - Paintings - 2008-2018
trilingual edition (English / Spanish / French)
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This publication provides the first overview of Christiane Pooley's work to date: a landscape painter unveiling the instability of social structures, the Chilean artist has developed a universe which summons the sublime, the melancholy and the political. With texts by Marie Maertens and Laura Morrison.

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