Alexandra Bachzetsis

Alexandra Bachzetsis (born 1974 in Zurich, lives and works in Basel and Zurich) is developing a practice that cuts across the boundaries between dance, performance art, visual arts and theater. It makes use of the body as an artistic and critical apparatus, a locus of transformation and experimentation and a means of communication. Bachzetsis is fascinated by pop culture, which she considers at best evocative and seductive, at worst manipulative. And she draws amply on pop culture for gestures, movements and styles of dance, many of which are linked to specific musical genres, in order to express emotion.

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Alexandra Bachzetsis - An Ideal for Living
bilingual edition (English / French)
CCS (Centre culturel suisse Paris)
This artist's book is part of a choreographic project exploring the body/object relationship. It features a photographic series which juxtaposes performers' bodies and objects, creating contradictory associations. The publication also includes two texts by Paul B. Preciado: an essay on the philosophy of movement, and a poem on sexual subjectivity, written with artificial intelligence.

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