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Omar Kholeif (born in Cairo, lives and works in Chicago and London) is a writer, curator, editor, and broadcaster. He has written extensively on art in a global context, focusing on art that intersects with the Internet, as well as works of art from emerging geographic territories that have yet to be seen in the mainstream. He is the author and or editor of over two-dozen books and his writing has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, frieze, and Artforum, Mousse, among numerous publications. Media organs such as, The New York Times, BBC, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Economist, The Art Newspaper, Vice, The New Scientist, and others, have profiled his work.

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Omar Kholeif - Sonia Balassanian
English edition
Sternberg Press - Imagine Otherwise
A deeply personal portrait of Iranian Armenian American artist Sonia Balassanian.
Omar Kholeif - Goodbye, World! - Looking at Art in the Digital Age
English edition
Sternberg Press - History, Criticism and Theory
This study traces the history of a cultural and artistic landscape that has taken shape since the year 2000, with the Internet. Omar Kholeif aims to put into context a new language for seeing, feeling, and being that has emerged through post-millennial technologies, and argues for a nuanced understanding of the post-digital condition.
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