Kim Seob Boninsegni

Kim Seob Boninsegni (born 1974 in Seoul, lives and works in Geneva) has recourse to a vast range of mediums: video, drawing, writing, performance, and installation. His work tends to define a field of thoughts mainly structured by narratives. These non-linear narrations are crystallised into forms, images, installations and tactics that emerge as the traces of a dissimulated whole.
Weather social, cultural or political, the core of his work is often brighten up by temporary activities (curating, critique, community commitment, education, etc.) from which he pulls out a language and specific problematic to better include them in his production process. The generated landscape by these practices spreads out on a plane, avoiding hierarchisation, some times indicating a kind of absurdity or irony.
 Kim Seob Boninsegni - Hwabyeong
French edition
A three-part fiction relating the daily lives of characters at the beginning of our century: the artist alternates reality and fiction, developing themes at work in his visual practice. As usual, the author involves a series of contributors.

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