Christophe Gulizzi & Jean-Michel Espitallier

Christophe Gulizzi is a French architect, former member of Rudy Ricciotti's architecture firm.

Jean-Michel Espitallier (born 1957, lives and works in Paris) is a French contemporary poet, whose work adopts strategies similar to those developed in contemporary art.

See also Jean-Michel Espitallier.
 Christophe Gulizzi & Jean-Michel Espitallier - Z5
French edition
Al Dante - Architecture
(last copies available!)
The sport center Z5 in Aix-en-Provence originated from the desire of football glory Zinédine Zidane. This publication documents its conception by architect Christophe Gulizzi. It features a humoristic text on the creation of the stadium by mankind by writer Jean-Michel Espitallier.

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