Franck Leibovici

Franck Leibovici (born 1975, lives and works in Paris) is a poet and artist. He has participated in various events, in France and abroad, and collaborates with different artists or researchers, including the Brazilian sculptor Ernesto Neto or the musician Tal.

See also A pragmatic poetics – Reflections on the work of Franck Leibovici.
Franck Leibovici - Des documents poétiques
French edition
Al Dante - Theory & criticism / essays
In this essay, Franck Leibovici attempts to describe how information technologies can serve as tools in our lives. Illustrated with examples taken from the scientific, political and artistic spheres, his reflection leads to a new division between art and science.
Franck Leibovici - Portraits chinois
French edition (texts in English and French)
Al Dante - Poetry & Literature
A poetic document gathering fragments of texts found on the websites of political groups and international news agencies.

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