Ernesto Neto and the Huni Kuin

Through his formal vocabulary, Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto (born 1964, Rio de Janeiro, where he lives and works) engages with the idea of social interaction. Neto has gained acclaim for his large experimental environments that dramatically alter our surroundings, engage all the senses, and invite to interact. The deliberate choice of materials, the simultaneity of internal and external structures, the contrast between the organic and the mechanic, along with sensuality are all phenomena involved in his works. Ernesto Neto's installations draw on the lessons of minimalist sculpture, New Brazilian Objectivity of the 1960's and 70's, and the anthropomorphic architecture, removing the visitor from the assault and grind of the everyday world and providing an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with essential multisensory experiences. Constantly opening new formal and conceptual developments in his work, Ernesto Neto describes sculpture as a living organism transgressing all limitations.
 Ernesto Neto and the Huni Kuin - Aru Kuxipa - Sacred Secret
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
This collaborative journey between Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto and members from the Huni Kuin indigenous communities brings to the fore the concept of “ancestral futures” and extends the concerns that have been evident in Neto's oeuvre over the past 20 years: a celebration of the sensuality of being, the unity of bodies and nature, and a longing for spiritual vision.

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