León Ferrari

The acclaimed Argentinian artist León Ferrari (1920–2013), the voice of a generation, is best known for his politically charged work that challenged authoritarianism of all types, from the Argentinian dictatorship and the Catholic Church to the US war in Vietnam.
León Ferrari - The Words of Others - León Ferrari and Rhetoric in Times of War
English edition
JRP|Editions - Monographs
This publication provides a wide-ranging survey of the Argentinian artist's literary collages—produced from 1965 to 2013—which use appropriated texts, representing a kind of experimental writing at the intersection of visual arts, performance, theater, literature, and activism.
León Ferrari - The Words of Others - Conversations between God and a few men and between a few men and a few men and God
English edition
X Artists' Books
The first full English translation of the Argentine artist León Ferrari's uncompromising literary masterpiece from 1967. A critique of the Vietnam War and American imperial politics, the book weaves together hundreds of excerpts from newspapers, periodicals, works of history, the Bible, and other sources.
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