Lourdes Castro

Lourdes Castro (born 1930 in Funchal, Portugal, lives and works in Madeira) is a Portuguese visual artist, founding member of the magazineKWY (1958-1964) with René Bertholo, António Costa Pinheiro, Gonçalo Duarte, José Escada, João Vieira, Christo, and Jan Voss. Close to New Realism, collaborator and companion of artist Manuel Zimbro, Castro worked with various media including artist's books, objects, drawings, serigraphs, videos, and performances.
Lourdes Castro - Album de naissance
Editions du Griffon - Multiples & limited editions
Artist's book conceived as a family album with prints of drop shadows, produced by Lourdes Castro in 1972. The second edition features 17 plates of silksreen prints, collages, and photographs, numbered and signed.

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