James Richards

James Richards (born 1983 in Cardiff, lives and works in London) graduated from Chelsea School of Art in 2006 where he made videos with sampled video and sound material. Known for his provocative and visually seductive moving-image works that collage together a wide range of source material, James Richards's work, taking the form of curated video programmes, sculptures or live events, carves out a space where personal politics and digital materiality might meet.

(external link : james-richards.co.uk)
James Richards - Divine Drudgery
English edition
Lenz Press
Divine Drudgery is an artist book with collages and artworks by James Richards and Leslie Thornton, and contributions by artists, writers and poets centred around liminality and the aesthetics and politics of the invisible.
James Richards - Requests and Antisongs
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
Artist's book accompanying a sequence of exhibitions by James Richards in Norway, England, and Germany. The publication contains a series of visual essays by the artist, documentation of recent exhibitions, as well as essays by Dan Fox, Ed Atkins, Steve Reinke, Chris McCormack, and Fatima Hellberg.
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