Kate Cooper

Kate Cooper (born 1984 in Liverpool, lives and works in London) is the co-founder and director of the London-based artists' run initiative Auto Italia. Her practice to date has been concerned with the ways in which artists can work together to invent and create new formats for artistic production and dissemination. Over the past few years the projects she has initiated through Auto Italia have investigated ideas around self-organization, alternative insinuation models along with exploring new possibilities for images to be distributed. Recently, her work and research have been focused on how capitalism might shape our everyday performance and how in turn this might relate to a notion of gender.
Kate Cooper - Look Book
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
sold out
Kate Cooper stages CGI female models in a parody of lookbook. Reproducing the patterns of hypercapitalist aesthetics, her images underlie a powerful reflection on gender, representation, and the potentialities of the digital world.

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