Július Koller & Květa Fulierová

The work of Slovak artist Július Koller (1939-2007) questions the possibilities of art to create relationships between humans and establish a better life in our societies. His two manifestos, Anti-Happening (1965) and UFO (1970) highlight his interests in the programmatic aspect of everyday objects, automatic and infinite aesthetics, imagination and cosmos' mysteries. His production illustrates the various topics of his personal mythology: science and traditions, ideas and beliefs. To face the complexity of the historical process, Július Koller gives his work a cosmic dimension where contradictions between utopia and real life are seen through the subjective prism of the future. The failure of Czech socialism as a Third way and the ideological and social void which emerged from it led Koller to create parallel universes (the most accomplished examples being “UFO-nauts” and “Ping-Pong Club”) as a form of resistance against totalitarianism.
 Július Koller & Květa Fulierová - Archive of Květa Fulierová / Family
English edition
The family archives of Július Koller's collaborator and loving partner Květa Fulierová (artist's book).
 Július Koller & Květa Fulierová - J+K!
bilingual edition (English / Slovak)
The everyday as an artistic act: a look back at the artistic and romantic relationship between Július Koller and Květa Fulierová through a series of personal belongings and documents (artist's book).
 Július Koller & Květa Fulierová - Amo Amare
English edition
This publication is dedicated to the romantic conceptualization, in Július Koller's work, of his lover and partner Květa Fulierová (artist's book).

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