Eran Schaerf

After studying architecture in Givatayim, Israel, and Berlin, Eran Schaerf (born 1962 in Tel-Aviv, lives and works in Berlin) was advising researcher and head of the Department of Fine Arts at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht and afterwards professor for mixed media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg. Schaerf works in different medias to analyse historic and current political phenomenons, as well as individual and personal experiences. Collective and subjective experience of history are woven into complex works with lots of material, which unfold a narrative poetic power in themselves. Pieces and parts of philosophy as well as history of architecture and design turn up again and again. The social codes of for instance fashion and human behavior are of great interest to Schaerf. To display these in a new light, the artist often uses the method of re-enactment, whereby different levels of time and narration are layered offer one another just like sediments.
Eran Schaerf - Frequency-Modulated Scenario
English edition
Archive Books
A textual and visual account of Schaerf's FM-Scenario, an inter-media project using the Internet as a production site for generating content for further media. The core of this project is a fictitious radio station, moderated by a computer program meant to guaranty his listener full freedom of speech.

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