Eric Baudelaire

Working in photography, video, print making and installation, Eric Baudelaire (born 1973 in Salt-Lake City, USA, lives and works in Paris) is interested in the relationship between images and events, documents and narratives. Recalling factographic practices, his work can involve elaborate staged situations that appear to be real, but are somewhat off-kilter, and place the viewer in a situation of questioning the modes of production and consumption of images. He also uses simple techniques of assemblage, sampling and mechanical reproduction, applied to real documents, to playfully extract fictive narratives or new formal vocabularies.

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Eric Baudelaire - Anabases
bilingual edition (English / French)
Archive Books
This book documents an installation by Eric Baudelaire revisiting the political and personal saga of the Japanese Red Army as an anabasys—an allegory of a journey that is both a wandering into the unknown and a return back home.

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