La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot)

The two artists of La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) (Emmanuelle Becquemin and Stéphanie Sagot) use sculptures, installations and performances to question desire and its processes. Their works stage the tension between the two expressions of desire—one aiming at sublimation, the other one at consumption. They experiment the desire to be found between Eros and Thanatos. They question the fragile moment where everything can fall apart, be consumed and disappear, their works often come from the absurd as a way to “escape”—in its historical sense of “letting escape a ball properly thrown”: they veer off course. Their apparent lightness unveils a more bitter reality.

 La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) -
bilingual edition (English / French)
Analogues - Monographs
The eponymous duo's monograph explore desire in the context of our post industrial, post human society, between globalisation and sustainable development, in this “glocalisation” that produces new objects, new temptations and new perversions.

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