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Noël Dolla

Associated with the artistic movement Supports/Surfaces, Noël Dolla (born 1945 in Nice, where he lives and works) has been trying for thirty years to answer the question of painting and especially abstract painting.
Noël Dolla - Spatial Restructurings (1969-2016)
bilingual edition (English / French)
BlackJack editions - Monographs & artists' books
Publication dedicated to Noël Dolla's pictorial experiments in nature: this lesser-known side to the artist's work offers a unique insight today on the painter's research on the medium. The book features a chronological documentation exploring in detail these 13 “Spatial Restructurings”, along with texts by Fabrice Flahutez and Rachel Stella.
Noël Dolla - Entrée libre mais non obligatoire
bilingual edition (English / French)
BlackJack editions - Monographs & artists' books
sold out
Noël Dolla's iconoclastic artistic approach defies categories. This book seeks to explore the heterogeneity of Dolla's works to better demonstrate the singular common thread between them.
Noël Dolla - Le trou du Louvre - Limited edition
French edition
Jannink - L'art en écrit
Unpublished text accompanied by an original monotype on a lead sheet, signed and unique for each copy.

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