Anne Van der Linden

Anne Van der Linden (born 1959 in England, lives and works in Saint-Denis, France) is a French painter and drawer. Beeing of a literary education, she came early to drawing expression, then to oil painting. After an abstract period, she developed her figurative style from the 90's. Her art is in the filiation of German expressionism, middle-age engravings, cartoonists as Robert Crumb and many more. Her attachment to literature brought her naturally to illustration activity, for edition project as well as for newspapers. Searching to express through visual arts the tensed interaction between inner wild life and social normalization could be her main concern. Her work has been widely exhibited and published in France and in foreign countries.

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Anne Van der Linden - Amour vache
French edition
A retrospective of Anne Van der Linden's paintings and drawings from 2015 to 2020.
Anne Van der Linden - Zoo
French edition
White Rabbit Prod - Pool of Tears
A collection of paintings by Anne Van Der Linden, exhibited at Galerie Corinne Bonnet in 2018, published in Pool Of Tears, a series of small format artist's books.
Anne Van der Linden - Carnage intime
United Dead Artists
currently out of stock
Anne Van der Linden's drawings and paintings from 2008 to 2014.
Anne Van der Linden - Bêtes à bon dieu
United Dead Artists
currently out of stock
As in mythological tales, the characters in Anne Van der Linden's paintings and drawings are mortals, animals, angels and demons, all coexisting in a lascivious Pandemonium. Vivid colors and rough strokes render well the grotesque essence of these bestial & erotic scenes whose symbolism could be compared to Frida Kahlo's surrealistic language.

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