Joachim Koester

Starting in the mid-1990s, Joachim Koester (born 1962 in Copenhagen, lives and works in Copenhagen and New York) developed an oeuvre that could be described as a complex web in which journalistic and historical research fuses with personal and fictive narratives. He belongs to an artists' generation whose practices are based on what Hal Foster once described as the “archival approach.” Balancing the thin line between documentary and fiction, Koester's films, photos, and installations reexamine and activate forgotten histories, failed utopias, and the obsolete. In his work, bygone counter-cultural movements reemerge in the same way that geographical and spiritual journeys are retraced.
Joachim Koester - Maybe One Must Begin with Some Particular Places
bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
This publication serves as an extension of Joachim Koester's artworks and research on Jerzy Grotowski's (1933-1999) mythical persona and experimental approach towards theater. More specifically here, Koester retraces Grotowski's trips to Mexico with the help of historians, anthropologists, and former students.
Joachim Koester - Of Spirits and Empty Spaces
English edition
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
Reference monograph.

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