Ange Leccia

Ange Leccia (born 1952 in Minerviu, Corsica, France, lives and works in Paris and in Corsica) is a major artist, one of the French pioneers of video art.
Ange Leccia - La communauté des images
bilingual edition (English / French)
CDA (Centre des Arts)
This catalogue celebrates the work of a major artist whose practice is situated in between contemporary art and cinema. It gathers a large selection of still films in high quality, a text by art historian Fabien Danesi, and an alphabet book drawing on Leccia's art through personal memories, anecdotes, and working issues.
Ange Leccia - Logical Song (DVD)
French version with English subtitles
a.p.r.e.s editions - Documents & Video Works (DVD)
A film by Gilles Coudert that takes a close look at Ange Leccia's work, interweaving the exploration of Leccia's exhibition “Logical Song” (2013) at the MAC/VAL – Val-de-Marne Contemporary Art Museum with perspectives from a series of interviews (with 3 films by the artist).
Ange Leccia -
French edition
6.00 3.00 €
Exhibition catalogue.
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