Raqs Media Collective

Raqs Media Collective is a group of three media practitioners—Jeebesh Bagchi (New Delhi, 1965), Monica Narula (New Delhi, 1969) and Shuddhabrata Sengupta (New Delhi, 1968)—based in New Delhi. Raqs has been variously described as artists, curators, researchers, editors, and catalysts of cultural processes. Their work, which has been exhibited widely in major international spaces and events, locates them at the intersections of contemporary art, historical enquiry, philosophical speculation, research, and theory—often taking the form of installations, online and offline media objects, performances, and encounters.
They live and work in Delhi, based at Sarai, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, an initiative they co-founded in 2000. They are members of the editorial collective of the Sarai Reader series. In 2008 they were co-curators of the Manifesta 7 biennale.
Recent solo exhibitions include “Lightbox,” Tate Britain, London (2009), and “Escapement,” Frith Street Gallery, London (2009); group exhibitions include “Experimental Geography,” travelling exhibition, Canada and USA (2008–11), and “Indian Highway,” Serpentine Gallery, London (2008) and Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo (2009).

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 Raqs Media Collective - The Contemporary Condition - We Are Here, But Is It Now? (The Submarine Horizons of Contemporaneity)
English edition
Sternberg Press - The Contemporary Condition
Searching for the present: an account of contemporaneity by the Dehli-based trio Raqs Media Collective.
 Raqs Media Collective - Seepage
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
A compilation of texts authored by Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi, and Shuddhabrata Sengupta).

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