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La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD)

La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD) La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD) Pierre Loti, Quentin Rollet, Vomir - La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD)
A short story by Pierre Loti, which tells the irremediable separation of a couple of beggars who have lived together for a long time, illustrated by a sound piece by Quentin Rollet and Romain Perrot (Vomir).
Louis-Marie-Julien Viaud known as Pierre Loti (1850-1923) was a naval officer, a great traveler and above all a novelist.
Quentin Rollet (born 1974) started playing the alto saxophone at the age of 11 and the sopranino saxophone at 37. After a few years spent unlearning the teaching of the conservatory, he devoted himself solely to free improvisation. This led him to play on record or on stage with groups as varied as Nurse With Wound, Prohibition, The Red Krayola, Mendelson, David Grubbs, Herman Dune, Akosh S. Unit, Thierry Müller, Rubin Steiner, eRikm, Jac Berrocal, Andrew Liles, Bästard, Ulan Bator, Costes, Red, Melmac, Dragibus, Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws, Jérôme Lorichon, Charlie O, Dan-Charles Dahan, Zsolt Söres, Pal Toth, Jean-Noël Cognard, Jean-Pierre Barja, Rivkah, Benoît de Villeneuve...... He is a member of Pointe du Lac, and the co-founder of the labels Rectangle (with Noël Akchoté), reQords and Bisou Records.
Romain Perrot, under the alias Vomir, is considered as the figurehead of the "Harsh Noise Wall", a wall of noise reduced to the bare essentials.

See also Romain Perrot.
published in July 2019
French edition
10 x 15,5 cm (softcover)
40 pages + audio CD
ISBN : 979-10-94601-30-3
EAN : 9791094601303
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La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD)
La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD)
La chanson des vieux époux (+ CD)
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