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Artforum n° 58-10 – Juillet-Août 2020

COLUMNS PASSAGES Ida Panicelli and Daniel Birnbaum on Germano Celant BOOKS Tim Griffin on Hal Foster's What Comes After Farce? ON SITE Alex Kitnick on the public art of Lower Manhattan Celeste Olalquiaga on the value of relics SLANT Nasser Rabbat on "Inspired by the East" TOP TEN Samuel R. Delany FEATURES ON THE VERGE: ON REVOLUTION Paul B. Preciado PROJECT: JAMAL CYRUS Ciarán Finlayson CLOSE-UP: AMERICAN IDLE Zack Hatfield on LaToya Ruby Frazier's "The Last Cruze," 2019 PROJECT: JA'TOVIA GARY Jazmine Hayes Oroma Elewa Eniola Dawodu Fatima Jamal Sydney Vernon CLOSE-UP: THE NIGHT SHIFT Ciarán Finlayson on Dawoud Bey's Untitled #14 (Site of John Brown's Tannery), 2017 1000 WORDS: CY GAVIN David Velasco FUTURES MARKET: "COUNTRYSIDE, THE FUTURE" Felicity D. Scott CLOSE-UP: MUTUAL AID Daniel Marcus on Keith Haring's Once Upon a Time, 1989 REVIEWS Achim Hochdörfer on Wade Guyton Tatiana Flores on "Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925–1945" From New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Bogotá, London, Nottingham, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Basel, Vienna, Bregenz, Berlin, Brussels, Göteborg, Warsaw, Jeddah, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Makati, and Melbourne

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