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Connect and DivideThe Practice Turn in Media Studies

 - Connect and Divide
Cette publication collective étudie quatre aspects des media studies : l'histoire des médias d'un point de vue praxéologique, le tournant pratique dans l'étude des médias et des religions, les polémiques relatives au genre et au post-colonial, ainsi qu'un examen historique des relations entre théorie et pratique.
Media divide and connect simultaneously: they act as intermediaries between otherwise disconnected entities, and as a “middle” that mediates, but also shields different entities from each other. This ambiguity gives rise to conflicting interpretations, and it evokes all those figures that give a first clue about this janus-faced relationship of “connect and divide”: gate-keeper, parasite, amongst others. If we give accounts of media before and after their mediated action, we refer to persons and organizations, automatisms and artifacts, signals and inscriptions, and we seem to find it easy to refer to their distinct potentials and dis/abilities. But within the interaction—the “middle” of media itself seems to be distributed right across the mix of material, semiotic and personal entities involved, and the location of agency is hard to pin down. In case of breakdown we have to disentangle the mix; in case of smooth operations action becomes all the more distributed and potentially untraceable—which makes its attribution a matter of the simultaneously occuring distribution of (official and unofficial) knowledge, labour and power. The empirical and historical investigation of this two-faced relationship of “connect and divide” has thus resulted in a veritable “practice turn in media studies”.
Edité par Erhard Schüttpelz, Ulrike Bergermann, Monika Dommann, Jeremy Stolow, Nadine Taha.
Contributions de Monika Dommann, Sebastian Gießmann, Fabian Grütter, Philipp Goll, Anna Echterhölter, Lisa Gitelman, Jeremy Stolow, Anderson Blanton, Anthony Enns, John Durham Peters, Ulrike Bergermann, Peter Rehberg, Andrea Seier, Sourayan Mookerjea & Anne Winkler, Karin Harrasser, Rey Chow, Erhard Schüttpelz, Dawid Kasprowicz, Martin Stern & Daniel Rode, Carsten Ochs, Katja Rothe, Thomas Haigh.
paru en mars 2021
édition anglaise
16 x 24 cm (broché)
386 pages (ill. n&b)
ISBN : 978-3-0358-0051-7
EAN : 9783035800517
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Connect and Divide
Connect and Divide
Connect and Divide
Connect and Divide
Connect and Divide
Connect and Divide

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