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Tools #02 – To Weave

table of contents
To Weave
Scheltens & Abbenes

Who is afraid of basketry
Audrey Teichmann

Metal Weaving
Tristan Pierard & Alexandre Guirkinger

The Handkerchief
Isabelle Moisy Cobti

Daily Weaving
Allyssa Heuze & Nara Lee

Hair to be Styled
Jenna Castetbon, Romuald Roudier Théron & Ilyes Griyeb

Woven Bamboo Construction
Graziella Semerciyan

Tressage & passementerie
Camille Azaïs & Sophie Tajan

The Language of Weaving
Claire Kail

Weaving Tools
Tools Team

Weaving Carbon
William Juban & Marvin Leuvrey

Woven Things
Tools Team

Valentin Adam (Playground Paris)

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